Emma Gleadhill

Emma Gleadhill – Speaker, Trainer & Coach.

Workshops – Bradfield – Parents Wellbeing Day June 10 2020.

  1. Resilient parents, resilient teens. Supporting your teen’s development from the inside-out.
  • Identifying your purpose and values where resilience is concerned.
  • Staying connected with your teen’s resourceful, creative and unique self
  • The parent role in celebrating, savouring, and wiring in a robust sense of signature strengths
  • From resilient states to resilient traits – broadening and building robust ways of being
  • Developing a family ‘mental hygiene’ plan.
  1. Supporting our teens through storm and conflict – friends and family
  • Observing and unpacking conflict.
  • Reflecting on roles played in conflict
  • Self-management when supporting young people in conflict and drama situations
  • The parent role
  • Empowering your child to know their boundaries, hold fast to their values, and find their voice.

Emma Gleadhill’s work centres on the emotional aspects of teaching, learning, parenting, loving and living. She draws on the latest research to empower teachers, pupils and parents in ways which actively supporting mental health and wellbeing.

Emma specialises in child development, positive psychology and emotional intelligence. Inspired by working with several pupils, families and teachers in ‘stuck situation’, she undertook the pre-clinical training to become a child and adolescent psychotherapist at the prestigious Tavistock Clinic, after 6 years as a Pastoral Deputy at a leading independent school. This is where her second vocation arose; to take the specialised learning from the fields of child development, neuroscience, and the workings of anxiety out into the wider world. She combines this theoretical background with her experience of 22 years as a practising teacher, pastoral school leader, governor, and teaching union representative. She is also the parent of a ten year old girl.

She is often called on as an expert in articles on relationships and mental health and has featured in the Times, the Independent, Psychologies magazine and an expert interviewee for the online teen magazine, Betty.me. She is one of the most popular expert speakers in Marina Fogle’s podcasts ‘The Parent Hood’. Emma often appears as an advisor on mental health and parenting in articles by Marina and others in the Health section of the Mail on Sunday.

Emma works with groups of teachers, parents and pupils as a well-established and highly popular speaker and trainer. She also works with parent groups in businesses as well as leading sessions in schools and with community parent groups on emotional intelligence, character strengths, and leadership. She leads workshops on wellbeing, emotion regulation and handling conflict.

Emma also works with individuals as a professional coach – supporting leaders and managers with their performance and also parents, or older teens to realise their potential and unstick ‘stuck situations’. She trained with the Co-Active Training Institute.

www.emmagleadhill.com @EmmaGleadhillCoachingandTraining