Roy Leighton

from Independent Thinking

Director of Undiscovered Country

Workshops – Bradfield – Parents Wellbeing Day June 10 2020.

The title and focus for my keynote speech is:

Lessons from Hamlet: In the famous ‘To be, or not to be’ soliloquy Shakespeare, through the character of Hamlet, explores the importance of being the best version of ourselves. Roy Leighton will reveal the five ways ‘to be’ a more balanced, happy and creative force in the world.

Title and focus for my workshop is:

Moving from ‘knowing’ to ‘being. In this workshop Roy will use creative theatre skills to build on the content of his keynote speech and explore the five ways ‘to be’ and the obstacles that often get in our way.

Roy has been working in value-based areas in education, the arts and business environments both in the U.K. and internationally for over 30 years. He has written books on creativity, learning, parenting, spirituality in education, leadership and confidence. He is one of the most inspiring speakers on learning, change and Global Citizenship today, not only because of the genuinely useful and practical nature of his advice but also because he talks to an audience as real life, living, loving human beings. Or, in the words of one delegate: ‘He should be bottled and consumed frequently!’

His areas of expertise are many and varied such as creativity, motivation, education as a movement for peace, self esteem and confidence, communication and value creation; from providing inspiring and stimulating key-note speeches, whole day conferences and workshops to sustainable programmes that run for weeks and years, and on rare occasions, lifetimes.